Saturday Races Wednesday Night Races
30th October 2021  
6th November 2021  
13th November 2021 17th November 2021
20th November 2021 24th November 2021 - No Swim, Bleak and raining.
27th November 2021. No Swim. Rough surf. High Tide. Bleak weather. 1st December 2021
4th December 2021 8th December 2021. No Swim. Heavy rain. Strong wind.
11th December 2021. No Swim. High Tide 3pm. Big Swell >5m. 15th December 2021
18th December 2021 22nd December 2021
25th December 2021 - No swim. Christmas Day Holiday 29th December 2021
1st January 2022 - No swim. New Year's Day Holiday 5th January 2022
8th January 2022 12th January 2022
15th January 2022 19th January 2022 - No Swim. Raining and Bleak
22nd January 2022 25th January 2022
29th January 2022
200m Freestyle Championships
2nd February 2021
400m Freestyle Championships
6th February 2022
No Swim. High Seas, Pool Awash
9th February 2022
12th February 2022
Medley Championships 2022
16th February 2022
19th February 2022
23rd February 2022
26th February 2022 --No Swim-- Heavy Rain --Poluted Pool 2nd March 2022
No swim. Still bleak weather. Worst season ever.
5th March 2022
Championships postponed..high tide, big swell. Weather still atrocious.
9th March 2022
No Swim. High Seas, Poluted Pool.
12th March 2022
Freestyle Championships
Butterfly Championships
16th March 2022
No Swim, Pool Polluted again
19th March 2022
Breaststroke Championships
Backstroke Championships
23rd March 2022 800m Championships
26th March 2022

No Swimming...Surfing in the Pool

Overflow at high tide

Santa came to visit